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HaShem's Gems


Why HaShem's Gems Books?

Children are spiritual sponges! Add to that the fact that children are reading the same book over and over and over again….everything permeates their neshemas (souls)!  As such, we as parents must be conscientious of what we invest time and energy teaching our children. Hashem’s Gems books allow you to provide your child with the highest intellectual stimulation while imparting beautiful, Jewish messages in a kosher and holy medium.

Each page of the HaSHem’s Gems books features bright, captivating images, highlights Jewish objects, and includes rhyming and rhythmic prose to make learning fun and interactive. These books are geared to boost children’s confidence, curiosity, and independence while developing important skills and connection to Judaism from a young age. HaShem’s Gems books promote both intellectual and spiritual development, beautifully intertwined in a format that children will love.

We as Jewish parents want to engage our children’s minds and souls, especially during their most impressionable years.


Build your library with all FIVE TITLES including the newest ones! 
Makes excellent presents for CHANUKAH!

My First Brachah Book teaches children food brachos with this adorable, bright, and engaging book. Inside, you’ll find:

  • Rhyming and rhythmic prose to help children remember the brachos of each type of food.

  • Brachos in Hebrew and the English transliteration.

  • Wide array of foods so children can identify and associate what they eat with the correct brachos.

My First Shapes Through a Jewish Lens engages readers through matching shapes with Jewish objects. Inside, you’ll find:

  • Three slit pages so readers can match the shape on the top page with the Jewish object and then match when we use this Jewish object. The background colors all match enforcing color knowledge.

My First Colors Through a Jewish Lens opens young children’s eyes to a world of exciting, vibrant colors. Inside, you’ll find:

  • Objects from Jewish life arranged from light to dark on each color page, enabling children to experience a lively spectrum of colors.

  • Fun, engaging questions to encourage dialogue between parent and child.

  • Children learn colors through objects and prose that strengthen their connection to Judaism!

  • A Jewish life picture glossary that helps familiarize children with the objects used in daily Jewish life and celebration of holidays.

My First Numbers Through a Jewish Lens teaches numbers through important concepts in Judaism. Inside, you’ll find:

  • Engaging pictures of children using different numbers of objects from daily Jewish life.

  • Instead of counting arbitrary objects, children learn to count items that have meaning and significance in Judaism associated with that number.

  • Fun number matching section to test the child’s skills as well as foster dialogue between parent and child.

My First Jewish Holidays Book caters directly to picture-loving young children by building a story in photographs about the Jewish holidays. As they turn each colorful page, children will build their understanding of the cycle of the Jewish year. Inside, you’ll find:

  • Bright, captivating images that show what each holiday represents and how it is celebrated.

  • Discovery questions that prompt children to engage further with each page.

  •  Hebrew date of each holiday allowing children to become more accustomed to the Hebrew calendar.

  • A picture matching activity where children find the holiday items that go together.

  • A detailed glossary of terms used in the book for children and parents to learn together.


*Build your library with three titles and save!


All books feature Torah U'Mesorah's seal of approval 

TUP Seal of Approval (1).jpg

Our Story

As a first-time parent, I wanted to give my daughter the best of everything – products that would engage, teach, and inspire. I scoured the market for books that would introduce basic developmental concepts (colors, numbers, object recognition, etc.)  But I noticed that there were no books that combined developmental concepts as well as Jewish education. I realized this was a missed opportunity (at best) to help shape how our young, impressionable children learn about and relate to the world.  


From birth to around age six, your child’s mind is like a sponge, absorbing massive amounts of information from their environment. However, the things your child sees and hears are not just stored in memory, but form part of who they are.

Our Torah teaches us that we are highly impacted by our surroundings and by what we see. How much more so for our young, highly impressionable children?

As such, I wanted to create a series of books that promote intellectual development through a Jewish lens. For example, if you’re teaching a child the color red through an apple, why not talk about how we dip the red apple in honey on Rosh Hashanah?

Additionally, children are constantly creating associations that determine emotional memories. If a child sees for example, a Chanukkah object when successfully learning to count, they will form a bond with that object, eventually building a stronger connection to the holiday of Chanukkah.

So, with my academic and professional background in neurodevelopment, experience with writing children’s books, and passion for art and Judaism I got straight to work! And so, HaShem’s Gems books were created – the first board books geared for children 6 months to 6 years old that combine Judaism and intellectual development! 


Smiling Girl with Book


Happy Baby

"This book promotes dialogue between me and my children! They love the books and I love reading it to them!"

- Chaya T.

"My kids can't stop talking about these books! They are all they want to read!"

--- Sarah M.

Little Girl Reading in Bed

My two toddlers are obsessed with all three book! We are reading them on repeat. They are learning so much from the books. I’m so appreciate of them!

Raisa Y.



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